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Hi, I am an experienced personal trainer and online coach. After realising my dream of being a successful personal trainer in one of Europes biggest leisure companies, I quickly came to learn the benefits and drawbacks of physical 1 – 1 personal training. The benefits being that I was able to help a range of different clients hit different and individual goals, working very closely in a gym environment.


However, I quickly came to realise that physical personal training was often limited to the 1 hour per week I got with the client. I knew that if I wanted to be able to help people further I needed to find a way to assist them in the other lifestyle factors that effect their health, not just the physical training within the gym. This led me to start my online coaching business where I can have a more holistic approach to training clients, giving personalised advise on diet, sleep health and of course, exercise.


I have gained valuable experience training clients 1-1 and continue to do so because I love it, but for most people online coaching will be the best way for them to reach their fitness and health goals. 

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